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Project Description

DotNetNuke Labs is a collection of "research & development" type projects for the DotNetNuke platform.

DotNetNuke MVC Module Application Framework

The first project added to the Labs is the "DotNetNuke MVC Module Application Framework". This is a prototype - "proof of concept" - for enabling Module Developers to use the new ASP.NET MVC Framework to develop "Module Applications". The code in this project is very rough, and so far only supports the ability to use the default route (ie HomeController, Index Action)


This is the second project added to the Labs. Dynamo allows you to completely skip Visual Studio, the debugger, IIS, deployment, packaging, etc... Install this single module and open your DNN installation to the world of dynamic language interpretation. Read more here.

1.06.00 Was just released. Read more here Download here

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